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Counting On, Episode 3.4 Reviewed: You Will NEVER Escape…NEVER!!

We’re in for one hell of an episode today, readers. Just kidding. It’s the one of the most inane and dull episodes ever….which is saying a lot, considering whole episodes have focused on grocery shopping expeditions and babysitting. In a brief … Continue reading

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Counting On, Episode 3.1 Reviewed: The Jinger Clown

I’m no longer going to deny that this show will outlive us all. The cycle of courtships, weddings, and disgusting and bloody live births is in perpetual motion, and will be right up until Jim Boob’s ancient, half-paralyzed sack of … Continue reading

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Counting On, Episode 2.10: NOT Reviewed.

I’m not doing it. Nope. Niet. Nein. Non. いいえ You can’t make me, readers. I legitimately and genuinely believed last week that it was the last episode for a while (not forever, sadly, as we all know TLC won’t cancel shit … Continue reading

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Counting On, Episode 2.5 Review: Bah, Who Are You Kidding?! No Surprises Here, Nerds!

Welp, mes amis, here we go again. I sadly did not experience enough of a mental breakdown last week to warrant taking a pass on this episode. I’m pretty sure I would have had to have a meltdown the likes … Continue reading

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Breaking: More Wombfruit for Ben and Jessa!

According to People (the celeb rag for all your famewhore news needs!) the Seewalds are expanding their tribe. Even though the pair have been fake-gushing over adoption since before they even married, it seems that they’re trying their luck with the … Continue reading

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Modesty and Jessa Duggar…if it makes sense I’m a Vermicious Knid

So about a month ago, Principessa Jessa spoke as some church convention on the topic of modesty. I can assume she gave some fashions tips she stole from a 1947 copy of Look Magazine. But oh, how I would have … Continue reading

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Jessa Duggar-Seewald Whines that Parenting is Actual Work

In their desperate push for viewers in the week leading up to the against-all-nature Jill & Jessa TV show, People Mag posted today some ‘dirt’ on the season premiere, in which Anna talks about being loyal to a man who … Continue reading

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