My Favorite Links -This is my favorite anti-Duggar Tumblr. She posts recaps of episodes, relevant articles, and family updates worthy of some snarkify-ing. This one is great for anyone who is not just against the Duggars, but the harmful fundamentalist movement in the US overall.

The Duggars’ Destructive Cult– an interview with a bright and brave woman who grew up in the Duggars’ lifestyle and managed to escape. Definitely an eye-opener.

No Longer Quivering– a blog on, this is a great place to hear stories of survivors of the Quiverfull cult who were able to break away.

Homeschoolers Anonymous– A website for people who were homeschoolers in the ATI movement (Gothard’s program and the one the Duggars use), as well as other reclusive, dangerous programs.