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Duggar News Update: Child Brides, Courting Cads, and PANTS!

Things are getting lubed up in Duggarland as Jim Boob is working overtime now to sell off his barely-of-chronological-aged children into marital slavery bliss! Joy-Anna (who is barely 19, need I remind anyone) is engaged after a less-than-3-month courtship. I … Continue reading

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Counting On, Episode 3.2 Reviewed: Ben Reunites with His Old Flame

Something amazing happened last weekend, guys. Millions of concerned Americans went to the Women’s March for Rights, and millions more worldwide joined us in solidarity. Even fucking Antarctica took a stand, making it the first protest represented on all seven continents. Of … Continue reading

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A Few Updates

In case none of you noticed, I have been on hiatus from this blog. After all, it is the holiday season, and I’ve been busy preparing for the unholy apocalypse that is due to descend upon my country in a … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Jingeremy Is Married!

Guy Fawkes Day Anniversary date for the Vuolos! Remember remember! According to many sources (including People, who just set the record for fastest wedding photo leak ever), Jinger and Jeremy finally became one baaaaaaaaaaaabe this morning in Arkansas, with over … Continue reading

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Counting On, Episode 2.10: NOT Reviewed.

I’m not doing it. Nope. Niet. Nein. Non. いいえ You can’t make me, readers. I legitimately and genuinely believed last week that it was the last episode for a while (not forever, sadly, as we all know TLC won’t cancel shit … Continue reading

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DUGGAR NEWS: Amy Dillon-Duggar-King To Try Riding Coattails Again

It’s been all but confirmed via Life is Not All Pickles and Hairspray that Amy Duggar-King is making a second attempt at following in her fame-whoring family’s footsteps. Amy has been spotted with a film crew following her around in wake … Continue reading

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BRIEF NEWS: Another TLC Patriarch Proves Himself a Pervert

Who the hell is in charge of doing background checks at TLC?! Toby Willis, father of the “fundie-lite” Willis Family and star of TLC’s The Willis Family, has been arrested and charged with child rape, as well as fleeing arrest … Continue reading

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