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Why I Refuse to Review Season 4 of Counting On

WARNING: I get rather venomous with my words in this one.  So, y’all homeboys and homegirls, the next season of Counting On is set to begin June 12th. Alas, I am here to announce that I have run out of things … Continue reading

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A week ago, Jack T. Chick died at the ripe old age of 92. He left a large, insulting mark on the world in the form of his Chick Tracts, little comic strips of varying degrees of artistic quality that … Continue reading

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19KAC Reviewed: 14 Children and Pregnant Again

For this review, I’m going back to the very beginning of it all. Before they decided that denim wasn’t the devil’s fabric. Before the unfortunate Anna, Derick, and Ben entered the picture. Before the giant house and fake mission trips. Before … Continue reading

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Jesus Camp Review: Part III!

Were finally bringing it home with Part 3 of Jesus Camp! What have we learned so far? 1- The crappier your haircut, the better a Christian you are. 2- Becky Fisher is an evil mastermind. 3- Dead churches exist, even … Continue reading

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Jesus Camp Reviewed: Part The Second!

Let me ask my humble readers a question: would you send your child to a private school called “Our Lady of the Perpetually Dumb?” Or a doctor’s clinic run by Dr. McMalpractice? Or, say…a summer camp program called “Kids on … Continue reading

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Extracurricular Review: Jesus Camp, Part 1!

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of one of my favorite documentaries, Jesus Camp. This film was one of the first of its’ time to take a deeper look into the uber-isolated, ultra-religious circles and to study the effects of … Continue reading

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