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Is Jinger wearing out the TLC gravy train?

Now that Jinger has fulfilled one half of her purpose as a vagina-bearing humanoid, it’s time for her tribute…the one time in her life her parents happen to remember her name and her siblings happen to see her as more … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Duggar Wedding

Note, my readers, that I considered titling this one “How to Make the Autumn of an Election Year After a Summer with Record Numbers of Terror Attacks and Murdered Innocents All About A Duggar,” but it didn’t catch. While we wait … Continue reading

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Masculinity and the Quiverfull Cult: When No One Wins

Unpopular opinion time! I think that most men in the Quiverfull Society have it pretty hard. Don’t get me wrong! I am NOT saying they have it has hard as the female folk, nor am I saying they suffer in … Continue reading

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Elsa’s Girlfriend: Why an LGBT Princess is WAY Beyond Overdue

June is National LGBTQ Pride Month, so why not close out this month, which has seen much more tragedy than it should, with a positive message? There’s an ongoing campaign among Disney fans (of which I am one, even at my … Continue reading

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Is ALERT Academy a ‘Troubled Teen Industry’ Program?

People who follow the Duggars for whatever reasons have most likely seen the title ‘ALERT Academy’ tossed around at least a few times. It’s been referred to as ‘Gothard’s Boy Scouts’ more often than not, and appears to be the … Continue reading

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Of Wives and Husbands…and Kirk Cameron (geh)

So, we meet again, Kirk Cameron. It’s bad enough the guy still has a toe in the entertainment industry, and enough weight to warrant articles on the internet whenever he spouts off his misogynist mouth diarrhea, or tells the world about … Continue reading

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Modesty and Jessa Duggar…if it makes sense I’m a Vermicious Knid

So about a month ago, Principessa Jessa spoke as some church convention on the topic of modesty. I can assume she gave some fashions tips she stole from a 1947 copy of Look Magazine. But oh, how I would have … Continue reading

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