About The Blog

This is an anti-Duggar, anti-Quiverfull, anti-abuse, anti-TLC blog. We are pro-choice, pro-LGBTQIA, pro-children, and pro-diversity. We are here to make fun of and decry the Duggar family, who are unjustly being put back on TV after being exposed as money-swindling, child-abusing, sex-obsessed patriarchs. Join us in the fun, but we do have a few rules to abide by: 

1- No bashing Duggars under 18. It isn’t their fault they were born into the family and are forced to live the lifestyle.

2- No justifying any actions of the Duggars that lead/have already led to physical, sexual, or emotional harm to anyone else, including other Duggars.

3- Be respectful of others’ opinions as long as they aren’t harmful or hurtful. If there is a hurtful comment, I will delete it myself. Try not to troll.

4- Adhere to trigger warnings and other serious tidbits. The majority of this blog will be humorous and snarky in nature, but one goal of this site is to bring attention to things the Duggars refuse to accept: like equality, justice for abuse survivors, and the right to everyone having a voice. You will know when these serious posts occur.

5- I swear like crazy in my posts, and won’t censor anyone who uses curse words. However, words that are derogatory to a large group of people (like the N- word or R-word) are stepping over the line and will not be tolerated.

6-This is NOT a Christian-bashing blog! Nor is it a religion-blasting blog. The only ‘religion’ under fire is the abusive, cult-like Gothard/Quiverfull environment that has proven to be harmful. This blog recognizes that the majority of Christianity rejects the strict views of Gothardism and will not tolerate generalizations towards a majority based on the deplorable acts of a few.

One more note: I am not a Duggar, nor am I affiliated with the Duggars in any way, shape, or form. I have not even met a Duggar (hopefully I never will). Nor do I live anywhere near Arkansas and therefore, cannot keep you up-to-the-minute on which Duggar has a bowel movement at any given time. I am purely a snark site, and the news I pass along here is only general stuff that you probably could’ve found via Google.

2 Responses to About The Blog

  1. Susan E Jordan says:

    I am a new member of the FaceBook group Anti Duggar Cult and this is the first time I have seen your blog. I don’t mean to show my ignorance but what is the R-Word? I guess I’m just old or something but I haven’t heard the expression before. Thanks.


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