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Counting On, Season 2 Ep. 1 Review: Jeremy Spoke in Class Today

Because the world hates me oh so much. For the record, I proudly watch J&J from sketchy, un-sponsored sources. I’d rather get fifteen computer viruses than add to the ratings of this program. Instead, I watched Adam Ruins Everything, because unlike … Continue reading

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Breaking: More Wombfruit for Ben and Jessa!

According to People (the celeb rag for all your famewhore news needs!) the Seewalds are expanding their tribe. Even though the pair have been fake-gushing over adoption since before they even married, it seems that they’re trying their luck with the … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Duggar Wedding

Note, my readers, that I considered titling this one “How to Make the Autumn of an Election Year After a Summer with Record Numbers of Terror Attacks and Murdered Innocents All About A Duggar,” but it didn’t catch. While we wait … Continue reading

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Previewing Counting On, Season II…I Hate My Life

The ‘trailer’ for Counting On‘s new season is out. Because yeah. Third-tier reality shows get trailers now. Truly our civilization has reached its’ zenith. Obviously, most of the season will be about Jinger’s courtship quick devolution into ‘Jingeremy’ and the … Continue reading

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