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Elsa’s Girlfriend: Why an LGBT Princess is WAY Beyond Overdue

June is National LGBTQ Pride Month, so why not close out this month, which has seen much more tragedy than it should, with a positive message? There’s an ongoing campaign among Disney fans (of which I am one, even at my … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Jinger Duggar Courting…Counting On Is Returning

Fuck a duck. Jim Bob did it. Jinger Duggar officially announced via the ever-whoring People Mag site that she’s courting Jeremy Vuolo, a 28-year-old pro soccer player. The pair met last month. While Jeremy seems to be independent (I mean, he’s … Continue reading

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I Stand With You, Orlando

Today, I will not rant or rave. Today, I won’t point fingers or shake fists. Today, for once, I will ignore the fact that the Duggars responded to the tragedy in a backhanded way. Today, I will just stand up and … Continue reading

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Is ALERT Academy a ‘Troubled Teen Industry’ Program?

People who follow the Duggars for whatever reasons have most likely seen the title ‘ALERT Academy’ tossed around at least a few times. It’s been referred to as ‘Gothard’s Boy Scouts’ more often than not, and appears to be the … Continue reading

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A Simple Update

Hey loyal readers. Just checking in briefly. I have been away from this blog for two main reasons, one being that I am going through some tough stuff in my personal life right now  that need to be seen to, … Continue reading

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