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If The Seewalds Adopt, The System is Dead

Although I’m still taking these rumors with a grain of salt, supposedly, Jessa and BenBob are taking steps towards filing for adoption. In all honesty, if this ever goes anywhere, I will be horrified and no longer trust any system … Continue reading

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The Best and Worst of Jill & Jessa, Season 1

This has been one hell of a shit storm, guys. We’ve been through virtually nothing with the Duggar Family. The stupid padded shit we saw during these episodes made me almost miss the good old days when a whole episode … Continue reading

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Jill & Jessa Reviewed: Episode 8- “Uh, erm, eh,” quoth the Duggar

Guys, we motherfucking did it.¬†The jail is open, the skies are clear, ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride, lo hicimos, we did it! Do you realize the caliber of what I’ve completed? 8×45 is 360 minutes…that is six hours of … Continue reading

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Of Wives and Husbands…and Kirk Cameron (geh)

So, we meet again, Kirk Cameron. It’s bad enough the guy still has a toe in the entertainment industry, and enough weight to warrant articles on the internet whenever he spouts off his misogynist¬†mouth diarrhea, or tells the world about … Continue reading

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May 1st: National Loyalty Day!

I’ma just leave this here…

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