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19 KAC Reviewed: Jill’s Barefoot (And Pregnant) Wedding

*WARNING: This review contains some pretty lewd, tasteless jokes. Reader discretion advised.* Gods save me. Why I do this is *partially* beyond my comprehension. The part I do understand is that I have a serious obsession with schadenfreude. In short, … Continue reading

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Quick Note to my Readers…

Wow. I had no idea rumors were going around that because my pen name is ‘Ginger with a G’ that I am, in fact, Jinger Duggar. I’m here to set the record straight: I am NOT Jinger Duggar. I am not … Continue reading

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Gaga Makes Powerful Statement With Survivors of Sexual Assault

Lady Gaga smashed the Oscars last night with her mighty powers of awesome. She performed “Til it Happens to You” alongside several sexual assault survivors. It’s amazing to see how grown up she is now, and letting her true colors … Continue reading

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A Cult of Female Virginity: Flowers In the Attic Syndrome

I’m starting this one off by commanding you to read The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti. It’s a fantastic book that goes deeper than the surface of why this country’s obsession with sexual purity is harmful, unrealistic, and creepy as … Continue reading

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John Oliver Knocks It Out of the Park

I love this man.

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So, it’s officially back.

Get ready for more trips to the grocery store, grifting, and people who think they’re better than you! Jill and Jessa got their full season! I guess this means I had better review this crap too, eh? Uuuuuuuuugh! Hopefully, viewership … Continue reading

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Bill Gothard ‘Shunned’ by The Bateses

Members of the Bates’ Family, in particular two of the 19 offspring, Erin and Lawson, are outright denying support for Gothard during his time of ‘trial’ while he’s being sued for sexual assault. In case some of you are unaware, … Continue reading

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