Episode Reviews

By far my most popular posts are the reviews of 19 Kids and Counting episodes. I guess you all just want me to suffer. Anyway, I’m going to link each post here so you can jump around a lot easier!

14 Children and Pregnant Again
Jill’s Wedding Episode 
Jinger’s Wedding Episode

Jill and Jessa: Counting On (specials)
Part I
Part II
Part III

Counting On (series)
Episode 1.1- Home and Away
Episode 1.2- Date Night and Bright Lights
Episode 1.3- Screw The Title, It’s Stupid
Episode 1.4- Uh?
Episode 1.5- The One Where Ben Raps
Episode 1.6- Please, Make It Stop
Episode 1.7- No, No, No
Episode 1.8- Oh Thank God It’s Over

Episode 2.1- Jeremy Spoke in Class Today
Episode 2.2- The Duggars (sadly do not) Get Eaten By a Bear
Episode 2.3- Dawn of the Brain Dead
Episode 2.4- Meet the F*ckers
Episode 2.5- Who Are We Kidding?
Episode 2.6- Ben Plays With Balls
Episode 2.7- Drools of Engagement
Episode 2.8- Put a Ring on It….Baaaaaaaaaaaabe
Episode 2.9- My Little Phonies
Episode 2.10- Yeah, I Quit
Episode 2.11- Yeah, I STILL Quit

Episode 3.1- God is Dead